Dis-Engaging Regulatory T Cells to Restore Immunity

Egle Therapeutics enters into a corporate strategic research alliance with Takeda
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About Egle

According to Greek poet Hesiod, Aglaea (Egle) was the youngest of the Zeus Daughters Charites, symbolizing beauty, splendor, glory, and magnificence, all essential attributes to enlighten hope for patients suffering from severe diseases and to deploy unprecedent remarkable science to meet the unmet.

Our sole driver: assembling the most notable scientific expertise with genuine talents to bring well-being to the patient’s community.

Who we are

Established in early 2020, as a spin-out of Institut Curie by Luc Boblet, serial biotech entrepreneur, and Dr Eliane Piaggio PhD, Director of the Translational Immunotherapy Team at Institut Curie, Egle Therapeutics is developing first-in-class immunotherapies targeting suppressor regulatory T cells (Tregs) for oncology and autoimmune diseases.

Our brand: translational by design

The key elements of Egle’s core approach are:

The leveraging of its translational-based target discovery engine to unveil novel therapeutic Treg targets.
the vectorization computationally designed resurfaced cytokines acting as antagonists or as selective Treg-agonists.

The company is building a proprietary Treg modulating drug portfolio against a large pool of newly unveiled Treg targets. The flagship program pioneers the dis-engagement of tumor-infiltrating Tregs through a unique proprietary series of IL-2 variants that act as IL-2 antagonists